Liberum Help Desk
The free, open source solution for the web-based help desk.

Liberum Help Desk

Liberum Help Desk is the complete help desk solution for small to medium sized businesses and organizations. This software provides a simple, easy to use web interface for managing and tracking technical support problems.

Liberum Help Desk is open sourced under the GPL license and free for use. The help desk software is written in HTML and ASP and is easily modified and customized. All that is required to run Liberum Help Desk is Windows Server running IIS.

Key features of Liberum Help Desk:

  • Completely web-based
  • E-mail notifications
  • Can utilize Windows authentication, so you don't need to manage another database of users
  • Allows for better communication between users and support reps: users can view progress on problems and submit additional information
  • Built-in reporting to keep track of support reps, which departments are making requests, and what types of problems are being reported
  • Easily customizable to fit your needs

About the Author

Liberum Help Desk started as a project by Doug Luxem, an IT manager and system administrator with over a decade of experience working in all levels of IT.  Liberum was originally written to hone my (now outdated) ASP and VBScript skills, and it quickly turned in to something much larger when I saw the pent-up demand for a light-weight help desk solution for small IT organizations.  I maintain a blog, Agile IT by Doug Luxem, which talks about the issues administrators and engineers face in these small enterprises.

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