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Emailing User when Status of Call gets updated.

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Gaz1982 posted on 01-28-2010 3:16 AM


Can anyone help me?

Is there a way when we change the Status of a Call that it emails the person who raised the call, just to keep them updated with the progress of it.



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yes just ensure the users email address is in their profile, and ensure you have

E-mail User on Update: NO YES

Under the admin section

 as this is already programmed in

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The emails get sent out when we update the call with additional information. What we now want to do is have an email sent out when we change the status (e.g. from "Open" to "Being Investigated").

I think it is that we need to add something into this bit of code but I'm not sure what we need to put in or where in this section it should go:

If status <> rstDesc("status") Then
          Dim newStat, oldStat
          Set newStat = SQLQuery(cnnDB, "SELECT sname FROM status WHERE status_id=" & status)
          Set oldStat = SQLQuery(cnnDB, "SELECT sname FROM status WHERE status_id=" & rstDesc("status"))
          strChangeNotes = strChangeNotes & Lang(cnnDB, "STATUS_2") & ": " & oldStat("sname") & " => " & newStat("sname") & vbNewLine
        End If
    End If

Does this clarify our problem?

Thanks, Jo

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Hi There,

Now I get you!!


The only problem is that if you update the call as well as change the status it might get a bit messy, so we will need to check if its an update or status change and act accordingly.


Will have a play later and get back to you.



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