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Only 100 problems displayed

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Lothian313 posted on 07-02-2009 8:26 AM

MS Server 2003 and MS SQL Server (both standard installs).  Reps only see 100 problems, even when they have more.  Problem pages display the latest problems with the oldest ones not displayed at all.

Is this a helpdesk issue or a SQL Server config problem.  Any help would be appreciated.


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I'd start by looking for some setting in sql server that's restricting the number of returned rows.


Doug G

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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the reply.

I decided to look at the asp code myself, since no-one seemed to be interested in the problem (this is the second time I have posted this problem).

In the rep folder, the view.asp file contains the following code at Line 59

 listStr = "SELECT TOP 100, p.title, p.start_date, p.uid, p.uemail, r.uid AS ruid, pri.pname, s.sname " & _

Amending the code to

 listStr = "SELECT, p.title, p.start_date, p.uid, p.uemail, r.uid AS ruid, pri.pname, s.sname " & _

allowed all of the problems to be displayed.

The users view.asp file also contains this code, although the TOP 100 reads TOP 50

Amending the code allows users to see all of the problems they have submitted.

Perhaps the configuration page could be updated to give the administrator the option to change the listStr value?

Thanks again,



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